Xinyue’s High-quality stainless steel pipe participate in the construction of Peru’s water transmission project

Project location:Peru


Standard and material:ASTM A312 316L


Application:Water transportation

Arrival time:2023.10.22

In October 2023,using solid solution and EFW welding methods, High quality single weld OD 508 caliber stainless steel pipes were set foot on the land of Peru,supporting local water conservancy and transportation projects. With the high demands of our cooperative old customers, Xinyue has continuously improved its control over the production of stainless steel pipes.

The resource integration ability, formed by years of honest operation and business expansion of the Xinyue platform, has played a powerful role. The procurement department of Xinyue quickly mobilized raw materials from Taiyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. The production and technical departments strictly controlled the processing and production processes.Then we successfully passed the inspection.

Written by Elena